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{Dredd press tour, London 2012}

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{on the set of almost human}

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what a babe ♔ (6-7/??)

When I was in Spain recently, promoting Dredd, Viggo's movie was coming out the day after mine and I was doing press the day before him and I went in there and told all of the press that Viggo just bought a goat farm in Segovia with a thousand goats and I swear to god it was reported in the news, it was on prime time television and every single interview that he went in to talk about his movie he was being asked about this goat farm and the goat cheese and in the end he actually just started lying saying “yeah I like the spotted ones because they make sweeter cheese and they fart less” 


Filming is srs buzness

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Karl in between takes #AlmostHuman Cc: michaelealy




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Safety First.

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Behold, Empire’s top 50 sexiest men of 2013.

no you don’t understand how happy this makes me

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