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oh. The eyes. God, Charles, your eyes … And Erik, you’re so in love it’s not even funny. Down to the flickering jaw (?) muscle thing in your 2nd image. fffffffffff.

^^This comment.  Exactly.  Why exactly was someone somewhere saying there was no smitten!Erik in this fandom?  I’m pretty sure 90% of the fics out there feature this exact trope.

word. He does seem the type to clench his jaw and Flex It because of All the Feels. … *swoons*

Yes! I was surprised too, because most of the fic I’ve encountered feature smitten!Erik. I’d say there isn’t enough smitten!Charles—at least that I’ve found. But aside from that, yes, ALL THE FEEEEEELS.

I have no idea who said it—I only saw the comments on tumblr—but clearly they are not reading the same fics I am.  Now that I think about it, I can’t remember reading a single story that didn’t feature smitten!Erik.  I’d actually like to read some smitten!Charles.  Random person on tumblr, where for art these smitten!Charles fics you’re talking about?

:D It can involve Charles having been turned into a cat. “Smitten Kitten.”

Dear god, I might pay for that.

OMG YES. Someone needs to write that.

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James McAvoy:today I feel like wearing Michael's glasses and tell the world I had sex with him
James McAvoy:yes


Narrator: “How is it like to work with Michael?”

James McAvoy: “We had sex every morning…”


My friends, if you need to visit my funeral, my mom will give the address to you on where it will be held.


This is amazing! I cried watching this! If you ship McFassy/Cherik it needs to be watched<3

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The Infamous Sunglasses


British and Irish actors appreciation post - part 1

“The CIA invading the home of a senior Soviet official, are you crazy!?”

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Because it’s Tuesday, and because it popped up on my dash on a Tuesday: reblog.

They’re like kittens <3

That last one in the set…that little reach for James’ hand, like he just wanted to touch it. It’s so cute. I can’t stop looking at it. *chinhands*

Behind the Scenes of Newsweek’s Oscar Roundtable [x]